5 reasons why you should escape from your home office (according to the Watlington hot-deskers)

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Right here, in the middle of the small historic market town of Watlington, we have a hub of productivity, a micro-community, where people gather after escaping from their home offices.

We asked them why? And here are their Top 5 reasons:

  1. To avoid a commute

Sometimes driving on the motorway just isn’t what you want to be doing.  One of our regular hot-deskers, Corporate Lawyer Doug Marshall, avoids a long drive to the Midlands by booking a desk with us. He’s negotiated with his employer that he’ll work remotely two days per week, and on those days he tells us he feels more refreshed and gets more done. Of course he does, he’s not driving 140 miles, he’s walking to work!

  1. To have someone to talk to

Working on your own at home can be a lonely place. Even with social media and conference calls, nothing beats a bit of real face to face interaction with other people. Our hot-deskers say that they find the conversations and interactions with their fellow hot-deskers more stimulating and refreshing than they ever experience in a corporate environment, and they often get different perspectives on problems too.

  1. To get away from domestic distractions

Working from home can be great if that’s what you are actually doing. But, let’s be honest, all too often a neighbour calls round, the dishwasher needs loading/emptying or a pet needs attention. All before lunch! You’ve only just settled back to work when it’s time to collect children from school. So you volunteer. What’s the harm in that?  Financial Trader, Miles Balfour tells us that while there is space for him to work at home, it’s just impossible to escape from home life. By walking into the business centre, he ‘thinks work’ and that’s what he focusses on.

  1. It’s an affordable, flexible solution

Even when you know that your home office arrangements aren’t quite working, you might not be ready to commit to a serviced office or long contract. The hot-deskers here know that they can use a desk for any length of time – from an hour to a month, and on days that suit them. Social Media Manager Lesley McKie pops in for some peace and quiet during school holidays when there is just too much activity with two teens at home.

  1. Access to all the things a business needs!

No day is the same in business. Some days you need privacy to make a conference call, other days you need a meeting room or a report printed out and copied, and then there’s always the need to guarantee your Wi-Fi connection really will be super fast – and work! The Watlington Business Centre hot-deskers access all of these things, and more.

So, there you have it. The ins and outs of flexible hot-desking direct from the hot-deskers themselves. In short, working at home, or sneaking off for an hour to a coffee shop just won’t cut it.

Oh, did we mention the coffee is free too!

Need to know more about how hot-desking locally could work for you? Contact us.


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