Benefits of a serviced office

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from serviced offices whether as their head office, a regional branch office or their first office. It provides an easy, low risk method of meeting space requirements and often has additional benefits. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • No capital investment.

    As there is no capital investment this allows you to free up your cash reserves for investing in other areas of the business.

  • One convenient monthly bill.

    A single bill covering rent, rates and utilities allows you to better forecast your cashflow.

  • One months notice.

    By only requiring one months notice this ensures that you can benefit from not having the long tie-ins and long contracts that are attached to renting your own premises. Having a no tie in policy enables us to offer you the flexibility for your office space that you need to compete.

  • Cost effective.

    A recent BCA survey has highlighted that leasing serviced office space as required is often far more cost-effective then leasing traditional office space.

  • Up to date communications.

    Communications are the lifeblood of business. Ensuring that your communication networks are up to date can be a challenge and it is a challenge that we relish. This is just one of the many hassles and headaches that using a serviced office rather then renting your own premises relieves you of.

  • Meeting Room.

    Having an extra room is increasingly becoming a luxury for many businesses. At Watlington Business Centre we have a well appointed meeting room that is available as required.

  • Manned reception and no call missed.

    Ensuring that your visitors are met and your deliveries are taken can make all the difference in how others perceive you. Having a manned reception allows serviced offices to ensure that your visitors are met as they arrive. In addition it also allows them to answer the phone for you if you are away or busy, meaning that you won’t miss that important call.

  • Security.

    Sadly security has become part of our every day lives. No longer is it possible to leave your front door open and expect your possessions to still be there when you return. This however is another area that a serviced office takes care of with CCTV, intruder monitoring and centre staff ensuring your office stays the way you left it.

  • Hassle free.

    In addition to security, which is taken very seriously, serviced offices can offer a hassle free working environment. Lighting, heating and cleaning are taken care of enabling you to take care of your business.

  • A ready-made network.

    Social networks are all the rage nowadays and business networks have always been important. Serviced offices offer an inherent ready-made business network of like-minded businesses. People do business with people they like. If meeting over the coffee machine just isn’t enough, you may also wish to try our coworking option.

  • Hot-desking.

    Perhaps you don’t require a permanent office but would benefit from being able to use an office space for just an hour, a day or a week? Hot-desking means you can have the space that you need, when you need it.

We strongly believe that using a serviced office such as ours enables you to take care of your business, whilst we take care of your office.

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