Monday Motivation!

White and red flowers with foliage in a vaseBeautiful flowers brightening up our reception today!

After a dark and wet January weekend, these flowers have really brightened up our Monday.

We love our weekly delivery from local nursery Babylon Flowers.



If ever there was a time to be agile in business, it’s now!

It’s not an easy time to be in business right now. There is so much change and uncertainty around, whether it’s Budgets or Brexit.

Chancellor Philip Hammond and UK and EU flogs with text agile business

UK Budget and Brexit cause uncertain times for SME’s

Does BREXIT, mean better or worse sales? What will it mean for employee retention? And as for the Budget: first it was a hike in NIC charges, then they are back to where they were within a week. It is a confusing time. All of this does make 2017 a difficult year for planning ahead with confidence!

We know this, and WBC is doing everything it can to support home-based businesses, start-ups and SMEs at every stage in their growth here in South Oxfordshire. And the last few weeks have really proved that to us.

Working at the coffee shop - gives you a change of scene, but no productivity increase.

Fed up with working from home? So, what are your options?

Terrible commutes, faster broadband, easier video conferencing, multitudes of apps to help us organise our time or create a new business…  All things that have led to many people setting out to ‘work from home’ – according to our hot desk clients.

Working from home is a great opportunity

On the face of it, working from home is a great opportunity. We can spend less time on the motorway or on the train, have more time for hobbies or pastimes, can fit work in around child care or school, and all acheived without the need to put on a suit. Of course, the fact that South Oxfordshire is the best place to live in the countryside (according to the Halifax 2016 survey) surely also means that if we live here, we want to make the most of it?

The Ridgeway and the Chiltern escarpment near Watlingon, South Oxfordshire.

The Ridgeway and the Chiltern escarpment near Watlingon, South Oxfordshire.
Photo taken by Arie Chapman.

A Cuba contemproray multi coloured rectangular rug.

Internet interiors business sets up shop in Watlington

This month we welcomed Nick Acaster and his team to their new premises here at Watlington Business Centre.

Nick Acaster is MD of leading internet retailer Rugs Direct Online, and the company also includes the brands Stair-Rods Direct, Stair Heaven and Children’s Funky Furniture.