Sleepy Watlington has its own Cyber Men!

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Watlington might look like a sleepy town at the foot of the Chiltern escarpment, but it can always surprise you.

Take one of our newer businesses at Watlington Business Centre, Acadsol Ltd. This week one of the directors, Henry Standing, told us about their fascinating work with one of the biggest challenges of today – cyber security. Along with his fellow director Paul Guest, Henry moved Acadsol into Couching House earlier this year, but catching them is always difficult. They have been really, really, busy ever since.

With Wikileaks, hacking into the NHS computer system, cyber ransoms, and Russian meddling with the US election, we’re surrounded by cyber news stories. So, we had to ask more! Henry told us that they are currently working with central government departments, advising senior civil servants on the security aspects of technical systems architecture and on compliance with industry best practice.

Working with the UK Government inevitably means they spend a lot of time in Whitehall, but Henry says, they really appreciate having the Watlington serviced office as a hub for their business. With meeting rooms available too, Acadsol’s clients also enjoy coming to Watlington, finding it easy to get to, and a very pleasant change from Westminster.

Henry had previously been frustrated trying to work at home where the lure of the fridge and all manner of other domestic distractions made him feel he was not very productive. Now he’s enjoying his 12-minute commute from home to the office. It is also no hardship at all when he is called on to help out with the family school run. What’s not to like?

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